Portrait Commissions

The way portraiture commissions work is very much a matter of personal taste.

Before embarking on a portrait, it is sensible to think about why you want one. Is it, for example, to “capture a moment in time” with children, to leave something for the grandchildren or to express something about yourself? What sort of style suits you? Relaxed in your own home environment, formal or atmospheric?

Normally, I work out of my studios in Stoke Wake, in Central Dorset, or in London, although alternative locations are also possible.

Oil paintings are the ideal way to capture a portrait for posterity. If you want something that is going to last multiple generations, there is really no substitute.
It is difficult to price oil paintings on a price list as so much depends on the style and size required. The best thing is to contact me!

Unframed oil paintings normally run from £3,000 for head and shoulders to £7,500 for a full length portrait.

These can be full colour or with a limited palette. Take a look at some of the examples here to give you some idea as to what to expect.

The process normally involves between two and four sittings of about 3-4 hours each. I will take some photographs too so I can work on the portrait between sittings, but please note that I do not do portraits from existing photographs.

Please also note that I will not charge if you are not satisfied. If you keep a portrait, then I will assume you are satisfied!