Portraiture commissions


The way portraiture commissions work is very much a matter of personal taste.

Before embarking on a portrait, it is sensible to think about why you want one. Is it, for example, to “capture a moment in time” with children, to leave something for the grandchildren or to express something about yourself?
What sort of style suits you? Relaxed in your own home environment, formal or atmospheric?

And what sort of medium is going to be appropriate? Watercolour, oil, pencil: each has a different feel and will be better or worse suited to what you would like to achieve. The best thing is to have a chat early on about what you are looking for and the relative merits (and costs) of different approaches.

Normally, I work out of my studios in Stoke Wake, in Central Dorset, or in London, although alternative locations are also possible.

Here is a rough guide to what is involved and the costs of having portraits carried out in different media:


A portraiture commission involves an initial session of approximately two to three hours for sketches and photographs. This will normally comprise several sittings of 15-20 minutes each. A second sitting may be required.
I then complete the portrait in my studio over the following 2-3 months, depending on workload.


Normally requires two sessions of approximately two to three hours each. Again, normally involves several sittings of 15-20 minutes each.

An individual watercolour or pencil framed portrait will usually measure approximately 60cm x 70cm, with the portrait itself measuring approximately 35cm x 40cm.
However, please note that no portrait is the same and the final mount and frame size will reflect the best fit with the portrait. I prefer to frame these portraits for presentation as it gives me the greatest control over the final product.


Oil paintings are the ideal way to capture a portrait for posterity. They are, of course, more expensive than other options, and this is because they take much more work to bring to fruition. But if you want something that is going to last multiple generations, there is really no substitute.
It is difficult to price oil paintings on a price list as so much depends on the style and size required. The best thing is to chat to the artist!

Portaiture prices

 Watercolour, framed –  £1,400
 Pencil,  framed –  £800-1,000
 Oil, unframed –  £3,500-7,000

Please note that I will not charge if you are not satisfied. If you keep a portrait, then I will assume you are satisfied!
Please also note that I do not do portraits from existing photographs.

Sale of existing work

Other, non-commissioned work, is available for sale from my studio or from this website (once available!)